ReEntry® 2.0

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Fiber to Fiber; Backing to Backing

Five billion pounds of carpet ends up in landfills each year. We are committed to eliminating this waste, and we have been for a while.

  • We've reclaimed more than 100 million pounds of carpet since 1994.
  • ReEntry 2.0 reclaims all types of carpet (commercial and residential) regardless of face fiber type or backing used.
  • Through a new patent-pending technology, we can cleanly separate the face fiber and backing of nearly any carpet type.
  • Separated type 6,6 nylon fiber is recycled into new 6,6 nylon, while separated vinyl backing is recycled into new vinyl backing using our Cool Blue™ backing technology.
  • This entire process requires less energy than other recycling processes.
  • We've identified recycling partners for other reclaimed carpet materials to ensure no reclaimed carpet ends up in the landfill.
  • Through ReEntry 2.0, we've made the first collection of products in the industry with post-consumer type 6,6 nylon fiber -- the RePrise™ Collection.




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